$690 Website- 1 Year Special

  1. Five (5) pages of text, simple graphics, calendar, or other desired information.

  2. One (1) year Website Hosting Service.

  3. Six (6) months of FREE unlimited updates.

    • Updates to your website that I receive by Monday will be posted by Friday.

    • Updates I receive by Wednesday will be posted the following Monday.

    • Updates I receive by Friday will be posted the following Wednesday.

  4. FREE Ad Space and FREE LINK on www.ConstantStrategies.com.

  5. FREE posting on our Special Events & Announcements Calendar.

  6. Your personal home page (www.ConstantStrategies.com/Your-User-Name) to see the latest information regarding all work Ive done for you.

Email: webmaster@ConstantStrategies.com for more information.

Additional pages, logo design, animations, photography, audio / video recording and editing cost extra.

Retainer Fee:

I charge a retainer fee of $28 for services to be performed. This non-refundable fee ensures that I do not spend hours developing for a client who is truly not interested in having a website.

Graphic and web designer in Harrisburg. Let me design an attractive website, affordably priced, delivered in days. FREE CONSULTATION. Email: webmaster@ConstantStrategies.com