$990 Website- 1 Year Special

  1. Five (5) pages of text, simple graphics, calendar, contact form, or other desired information.

  2. One (1) year Website Hosting Service.

  3. One (1) year of FREE unlimited updates.

    • Updates to your website that I receive by Monday will be posted by Friday.

    • Updates I receive by Wednesday will be posted the following Monday.

    • Updates I receive by Friday will be posted the following Wednesday.

  4. FREE Ad Space / FREE LINK in any category

  5. FREE posting on our Special Events & Announcements Calendar.

  6. Your personal home page (www.ConstantStrategies.com/Your-User-Name) to see the latest information regarding all work I've done for you.

Additional pages, database management, logo design, animations, photography, audio / video recording and editing cost extra. Email: webmaster@ConstantStrategies.com for more information.

Retainer Fee:

I charge a retainer fee of $28 for services "to be" performed. This non-refundable fee ensures that I do not spend hours developing for a client who is truly not interested in having a website.

Graphic and web designer. Let me design an attractive website, affordably priced, delivered in days.
Free Email Consultation. Email: webmaster@ConstantStrategies.com