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Local, Organic, Farm Fresh Produce

Local, Organic, Farm Fresh Produce

Health Foods

Bloggers & newsgroup dieters are raving because our muffins fit any weight loss program. Featured on the Rachael Ray, Today, CNBC, Fox News and Good Morning America shows. Winner of 2013 Fitness Healthy Foods Award. Selected as the "Best Muffin" and one of 28 Best New Foods in Remedy's Healthy Living Food Awards. 2012 Healthy Food Award winner by Diabetes Focus. And we are proud to have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, one of the most recognized consumer emblems in the market today.

Here at Vitalicious™, we bake fresh all natural & delicious 100-calorie VitaTops, VitaMuffins and VitaBrownies. As well as 50-calorie VitaCakes and 190-calorie VitaPizzas. In addition, our VitaMuffin Mixes allow you to bake our nutritious products at home.

Each and every Vitalicious® baked good has been created to bring you the most nutritional benefits possible. Essential vitamins and minerals have been specifically chosen to help performance throughout the day, and to build strength and wellness in the future as well. Our long term mission is to create baked goods that are healthy in many more ways than just being vitamin-enriched -- that provide high fiber and low calories (without the fat), as well as crucial poly-unsaturated fatty acids (known as "good fat") and protein.

Our all natural products contain no additives or preservatives and are fortified with essential vitamins & minerals. Low-fat 100 calorie VitaMuffins & VitaTops contain up to 9 grams of fiber, 6g protein, 15 essential vitamins and minerals, wholegrains and no cholesterol or refined sugars. Our top selling Deep Chocolate VitaTops are also only 100 calories, 98% fat-free and contain 9 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, soy fiber, whole wheat and 15 essential vitamins and minerals.

Fitness Equipment

BOSU Power Systems

Power Systems has been a leading provider of health, exercise, sport performance, and fitness equipment since 1986. We provide coaches, athletes, and fitness experts with a wide assortment of quality sports and fitness training equipment. For total athletic development and general fitness training, Power Systems has the most current fitness equipment and exercise programs available online.

Fitness Equipment for Professionals by Power Systems

Organic Medicine

Powerful Remedy to Fight Outbreaks - All Natural

Forces of Nature - Featuring the World's First and Only Line of Medicine that is Certified Organic! FDA Registered

Forces of Nature offers the only line of Over-the-Counter Organic Medicine that is both USDA Certified Organic and an FDA Registered homeopathic drug.

Our ultra-pure, all-natural topical treatments are highly effective medicine for hard-to-treat health conditions including Herpes, Cold Sores, Warts, Varicose Veins, Hemorrhoids, Acne, Headaches, Arthritis, Athlete's Foot, Insomnia and more.

We offer a one year money back guarantee on all products and consistently rate 5-stars by customers. Our products work!

Top Sellers for Forces of Nature Products FDA Registered

Teeth Whitening

Power Swabs is unlike any other teeth whitening product in the market:
  • FAST AND EASY - Forget messy trays or sticky strips. Power Swabs are quick and easy-to-use swabs that whiten AND remove stains in only two minutes.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - The ingredients in Power Swabs are derived from naturally-occurring products and represent the world's first safe "tooth detergent" formula.
  • MINIMAL SENSITIVITY - Power Swabs are pH balanced to re-hydrate enamel and help your teeth feel as good as they look.
  • WORKS ON ALL SURFACES - Power Swabs works on all surfaces unlike others.
  • ADVANCED TEETH WHITENING TECHNOLOGY -Power Swabs' patented formula was developed by renowned dentist Dr. Martin Giniger, and has been used and endorsed by many of America's top dentists.

Power Swabs contain no harsh bleach, peroxide or abrasives. They contain all natural ingredients designed to maximize their ability to clean teeth and reduce dehydration-related tooth sensitivity. Moreover they have been proven to be safe and gentle for everyday use on gums, natural tooth surfaces and dental work. Zero Sensitivity Bleaching: By hydrating the tooth surface and speeding procedure times, Power Swabs can block transient dentinal hypersensitivity associated with in-office and take-home bleaching procedures. Faster Procedure Times: By pre-treating enamel surface with solvents and surfactants, enamel surface stains & debris are easily removed leaving a cleaner surface which will speed whitening and other procedure times.

Fitness Training

TACFIT Commando is based on actual programs “Flow Coach” Scott Sonnon is using right now to train Israeli counter-terrorism, SEALs and secret service, American special ops personnel, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, US federal agents, firemen, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters.


Proactiv Solution

Medicine alone can't beat acne. Half the battle is in your head. You can choose to be passive, waiting for the acne to eventually clear on its own. You can be reactive, spot-treating each zit as it appears, always playing catch-up. You can be wishy-washy, trying whatever drugstore remedy shows up on the shelf or goes on sale - only to move on to the next when you've been let down. Or... you can finally get serious about your acne, doing what you really need to do to put it behind you now and stay ahead of it for good. Be resolute. Be committed. Be Proactiv.

Healthy Directions is the #1 provider of premier doctor-formulated nutritional supplements, products and expert natural health guidance. Founded in 1976 and offering over 500 products ranging from our popular patented Omega Q Plus, digestive probiotics, natural skin care products, pain relief and much more.

Healthy Directionsdraws upon the extensive research and proven results of our team of doctors: Dr Sinatra, Dr Whitaker, Dr DavidWilliams, Dr Lark and Dr Tabor

Hormonal Imbalance Solutions eBook
An ebook on how to naturally deal with hormonal imbalance, with specific sections on thyroid, Pcos, menopause and other homone imbalance issues.
Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins
Johns Hopkins has recently sent this out in its newsletters. This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as well.
Lose up to 20 lbs. in 30 days with Medifast
Medifast is a highly effective meal replacement diet, which has been satisfying customers for over 25 years. Medifast has been recommended by over 15,000 physicians and has been clinically proven at Johns Hopkins.

Medifast is a growing company in the weight loss market. In Fall 2007, Medifast has added a celebrity dieter to their national advertising, Kristy Swanson from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to continue creating widespread brand awareness.

Medifast is offering customers a FREE week of product with the purchase of a 4-week supply. Customers also receive Free Shipping with the purchase of a 4-week supply.
Extend your life
Acne Emergency? Order Proactiv today and get it tomorrow. Pamper your hair with celebs' favorite products. Order Wen® Hair Care Now!

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